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Alice’s Makan

» Location:ย 580 George Stย Sydney

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Before Dancekool, LeeLoo decided to have a quick dinner at Alice’s Makan which was conveniently located in the food court connected to Town Hall station. It’s located right opposite the street from KFC.



There’s ample seating at the food court. You order at the counter (cash only), receive a buzzer and pick up at the counter as well as any cutlery you require.



Unfortunately they were out of BBQ pork so Kun Loh Mee was unavailable. Instead, LeeLoo ordered a classic - the Char Kway Teow.

Char Kway Teow $12

Flat rice noodles in thick soy sauce with seafood, egg, sprouts, garnished with pork sausage and crackle

This dish came in an adorable red takeaway box. The noodles were average. The pork sausage was delicious - definitely should have been more of it. Seafood - prawns and squid was plentiful which were tasty. Could not actually taste any crackle. Expected more noodles for this price.



Alice’s Makan has been very popular amongst food bloggers and unfortunately it did not live up to the hype. The classic Malaysian dish, Char Kway Teoh, was very average. The same dish at Temasek, Parramatta was far superior. Curious to try the dessert menu so may be back to give this place another chance!

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